PRESENTS. goes to sleep when asleep and the other half stays awake. 10. ch_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Other than humans, emperor penguins are the only warm-blooded animal to stay on Antarctica for the winter. The US gets over 1200 tornadoes a year. If insects are eating the lima bean's leaves, the plant gives off a substance that acts as a signal to parasitic wasps to swoop in and destroy their enemy (i.e. On the South Atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha, potatoes were once used as currency. Amazing Facts about animals are here for your astonishment. • A chameleon's tongue is twice the length of its body. Manon Rheaume is the only woman to have played in an NHL game. 3.The total length of the veins in our body is 96.500 kilometers! 8. 7. ch_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Making learning memorable (through new information) and meaningful (to understand the answer) helps students use English in an more immersive way. Why? Australia is 4000 kilometres wide (from the east coast to the west coast) and 3200 kilometres ‘tall’ (from north to south). That’s like jumping the length of two minivans! , coffee became a popular drink in America after the Boston Tea Party of 1773: making the switch from tea to coffee was considered patriotic duty. Lima beans have an amazing ability to command wasps as a defense. It takes eight minutes and 19 seconds for light to travel from the sun to Earth. Amazing Facts. 4. One teaspoon of a neutron star would weigh six-billion tons. 3. 11. One million Earths could fit inside the sun! 9. ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected]; 12. Topics covered in this 128-page book include the Fountain of Youth, the first Thanksgiving, the colonies, the Revolutionary War, George … Source: 2. The Earth's core is as hot as the surface of the son. Duplication, distribution or other uses by permission only. It’s hard to digest, and it has little nutritional value. Amazing facts of the day for the students| Interesting facts | Fun facts (part 20) Need a break from regular chats? A fox uses its tail to communicate with other foxes. 5. The least sunny place is the South Pole, where the sun only shines on 182 days a year. Despite the fact that all these novelties refer to different spheres of our life, they have such common feature as practicality. hey guys hope you enjoy this video Don't forget to subscribe. Of these, 55 were self-portraits. began his career as a pitcher: Ruth was both a left-handed pitcher and left-handed batter. • No two zebras have stripes that are exactly alike. ch_sid = "Chitika Premium"; Your nose and ears never stop growing. Amazing Facts Sabbath School Study Hour Sabbath School Lesson 9 "The Church and Education" | November 21 - November 27 2020 Fourth (4th) Quarter (Q4) facebook; twitter; email; Video. 9. Ripe cranberries will bounce like a ball. 3. Some tornadoes can be faster than Formula One race cars! The average brain weighs about three pounds. 3. 2. this list of extensive and deeply-researched amazing facts is sure to please. • A Cat can run about 20 kilometers per hour (12 miles per hour) when it grows up. • A chameleon's tongue is twice the length of its body. Fingernails can grow 4x faster than toenails. 7. When she said America, he almost didn't believe her! Let us help you be the rock star mom (or dad) we know you are! Only half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep when asleep and the other half stays awake. 9. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. History of Amazing Facts ; Belief Statement; Mission Statement; Employment … 4. Baseballs last an average of seven pitches. Pound cake is so called because the recipes once called for a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, a pound of eggs and a pound of flour. 17. ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected]; Author: Derek Spafford. There are about 40 species or kinds of porpoises and dolphins. 16. Zebras usually travel in herds. Dolphins have been seen wrapping sea sponge around their long snouts to protect them from cuts while foraging for food. It can be too warm to snow, but never too cold. 8. Most porpoises and dolphins navigate by using echolocation. A dentist invented the Electric Chair. That’s like jumping the length of two minivans! But 65 Amazing Facts You'll Probably Enjoy and Likely Consider Mentioning to Your Friends didn't fit. In the winter time reindeer grow their facial hair long enough to cover their mouths, which protects their muzzles when grazing in the snow. The characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver in Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life." The fastest human beings run only about 30 kilometers per hour (18 miles per hour). 4. Fully grown, it weighs as much as 150 tons. (Go on, try it!). • The world's largest rodent is the Capybara. Best 13 Electric Bikes for Sale Right Now, Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging, 28 Epic Treehouses Across the US You Can Rent with Your Kids, Last-Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Grab at Trader Joe’s, Kelley Blue Book Launches Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Schleich Culminates 85th Anniversary Celebration with Times Square Billboard, Here’s One More Chance to Stay in a Lifetime Holiday Movie House. It is one-inch long and 165 million years old. Golf is one of only two sports every played on the moon. 5. only flew together once (though both piloted the planes individually): on May 25, 1910 they took a six-minute flight piloted by Orville with Wilbur as his passenger. 19. Venus spins clockwise. The insights learners will gather from this quiz will broaden their horizons. Human teeth are as strong as shark teeth! 1. Before European contact (which caused populations to diminish rapidly ) California indigenous tribal groups spoke more than 200 unique dialects. Sally Ride was the first American woman to fly in space, on June 18, 1983. Few more amazing facts are here. Regardless of their size, naval tradition declares submarines be called “boats” rather than “ships.”. 1. 135. Students will love to explore little-known historical facts, folklore, and “facts” often taught in school that are either untrue or undocumented in this captivating text. Human Body Facts. Few more amazing facts are here. ch_vertical ="premium"; 5. Frogs live on all continents except Antarctica. • … How to use this template . When the reindeer make their yearly journey across the icy Arctic region, the chemical keeps them from freezing—much as antifreeze keeps a car from freezing up in winter There are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet. • A person afflicted with hexadectylism has six fingers or six toes on one or both hands and feet. Sloths cannot shiver to stay warm, and so have difficulty maintaining their body temperature on rainy days. The other sport was a javelin toss, during the same visit. In 1971, Alan Shepard hit a ball with a six-iron while on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 mission. ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected]; 7. //-->. 9. Titles from our Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides can be read online for free and even printed off for sharing and study. Everest. • A Zipper joins two pieces of material together. 13. It also has 17 amino acids. It is fully customisation and you are free to make your own versions. 8. • The hippopotamus gives birth under water and nurses its young in the river as well, though the young hippos do come up periodically for air. Male zebras are called stallions. married he chose the last name Douglass after the hero clan in Sir Walter Scott's famous poem. No one has broken this record (not even Steph Curry!). Science facts: 80 amazing facts about science. Even in an airplane, a trip to Pluto would take about 800 years. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain includes many “early works” from his childhood. 18 Amazing Space Facts 1. Some of the most amazing and very important things, which the modern world can boast of nowadays, have been invented by students. 9. In response to The Lorax the foresting industry published Truax to teach kids about the importance of logging. 2:6–8. Young kangaroos are called joeys. A human body contains almost 100 trillion cells. , eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'english_for_students_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',700,'0','0']));From Amazing Facts to HOME PAGE,